At Konisa Studio, we believe in bridging local communities with good design to inspire ideas that embrace handmade local products, sustainable projects and authentic design innovations

What we do

Our root philosophy, "Start With Good Design" is our key promise to making positive impact in everything that we do.

Konisa Studio is a Vancouver BC company specializing in sustainable wood design and product solutions for everyday living, learning and working environments. We exist to make good design known through well made handcrafted products that inspire city lifestyle and local communities.

By solving problems that truly matter for clients, Konisa Studio ensures that craft, wood and design is synchronous throughout development and production. We uphold this vision as we advise on all kinds of functional projects ranging from large to small as well as simple to unique.

Konisa Studio - About Us

Konisa Studio - About Us

Our end game is to pioneer sustainability by ways of establishing creative models that facilitate building, sharing and preserving to prolong longevity of products as a positive and memorable experience. With this mindset, we can truly close the gap of life-cycle waste and move into a proactive culture of sustainable well-being.
— Jeremy T Lee ~ Konisa Studio

Designing innovation Through Big Ideas

With function and elegance in mind, Konisa Studio is a movement of smart products and modular furniture embodying aspects of local culture, tight spaces and smart design principles. Influenced by city culture like Vancouver, Hong Kong and San Francisco, Konisa Studio is inspired by the pace, technology and execution of modern construction, which transforms and determines how civilizations are formed. By marrying aspects of nature and modern aesthetics, we use real lasting materials and design thinking to craft human experiences.

Konisa Core values

  • To transform and challenge innovation by developing new projects (and even reviving traditional solutions) to make day to day experiences intuitive and engaging

  • To pioneer creative platforms and solutions that minimize carbon footprint and waste
  • To ensure our products are conscientious, made to last and get better with age


  • To develop timeless products that are locally made and production friendly
  • To investigate, discover and provide useful solutions in making day to day life better and easier

  • To reach out to clients, companies and customers in designing optimal, made to fit products that solve everyday problems

Crafting human experiences is vital in what we do, we believe evocative, well designed and innovative wood products centralizes, enhances and enables the places we live, learn and work

Konisa Studio - Mobila - Mobile Workspace Design Concept

Konisa Studio - Mobila - Mobile Workspace Design Concept

Konisa Studio is obsessed in building a culture based on holistic processes where objects are unified through natural tension, user defined function and organic geometry. We believe this will lead us to a creative direction of fullest potential
— Jeremy T Lee ~ Konisa Studio