Union modular bookshelf is a client commission project who needed customizable shelving for their living room. The challenge for the project required squeezing into a small pocket of space (between fireplace and sofa) so that meeting specific dimensions was just as important as creating a comfortable aesthetic. Inspired by the lego system, this unique modular design grants for affordable construction, easy stowing and transportation. When assembled, the artifice is durable and sturdy and holds up big loads while offering plenty of storage space. Complete with elegant solid ash, birch and baltic birch plywood , Union comes with a simple hinged door mechanism designed to conveniently store cushions, pillows and blankets.

Design Features:

  • Design for Disassembly
  • Made to fit and client inspired project
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Unique assembly & storing system
  • Hinge mechanism for oversize items like blankets and pillowcases
  • OSMO hardwax finish for optimized protection
  • Designed and made in Vancouver, BC

Material Properties:

baltic birch plywood, white ash, OSMO hardwax finish, hardware

Finish Selection:

natural clear

Konisa Studio - Union Bookshelf Design