Muyo | Wearable Earbud Organizer - by Konisa Studio

Muyo | Wearable Earbud Organizer & Protector

Better than a Yo-Yo, Muyo is a one of a kind fashion earbud organizer that keeps earphones safely bundled and protected and can also be worn to ensure wires are snug closely to the body. Designed for convenience and elegance, Muyo is the perfect travel item for people who love to walk, roam and bike around the city with their beats on but despise the nagging feeling of tangling wires that trip, dangle and impede movement which ultimately stretches the cord and reduces longevity of the earbud.

Muyo’s robust and sleek characteristics feature two strong neodymium magnets designed to secure itself between light to medium thicknesses of clothing such as jackets, long sleeve shirts and hoodies. Slack and tension is adjusted by winding the cording within the device. Handcrafted and designed to preserve the lifetime of earbuds (and headphones) and chances of misplacement, Muyo is the perfect conversation piece for wearing during dinner gatherings, networking and window shopping with friends.

Individually lathed, etched and finished, Muyo arrives in fine assortments of elegant wood choices and patterns.

Genuine and original design by Jeremy lee of Konisa Studio

Design Features:

  • Fashion for your music
  • Protects and contains to improve longevity of earbuds 
  • Intuitive magnet casing and insert opening for easy winding, storing and releasing 
  • Can be worn between articles of light and medium thicknesses of clothing (jackets, shirts, blazers)
  • Reduce chances of misplacement and loss of otherwise valuable earbuds
Material Properties:
lathed solid wood, strong neodymium magnets, laser etched appearance
Wood Selections:
Maple, Walnut, Padauk, Oak, Cherry, Zebrawood
Muyo - Wearable Magnetic Earbud Organizer