Having maximum function is imperative to the need of users as freedom access to tools and information leads to spontaneous and continual action which spurs creativity and productivity

Tight Spaces - Working on Laptop

What is Maximum Function

"Maximum Function" is a philosophy designed to implement unique approaches and production focused principles to making living and working environments better. By first identifying what issues people experience in their day to day, we orchestrate the same scenario step by step to determine intuitive solutions that deal with the problem in a smart and efficient way. 

User research is tried and tested. Therefore, we ensure our products abide to sustainable, ergonomic and functional standards that are suitable for long term use and production. By identifying and tackling problems first hand, we can truly optimize the way people work, behave and thrive in all environments.

The root idea is what we call Maximum Function

Konisa Studio is adamant in product design and furniture building based on a narrative of holistic processes, where structures are assembled through natural tension, user defined function and organic geometry...we believe this theory alone can spark a system of sustainable products filled with great potential
— Jeremy T Lee - Konisa Studio

Ways and How We Solve Problems

Konisa Studio - Problem Spaces

1. first Identifying The Problem

Problems collected through user research and observation reveals some of the most common pains surrounding working and living spaces.  Dysfunctional environments is on one of the main causes of behavioral decay which surmounts to productivity loss, emotional unrest, and social disconnect.

Notable problems include:

  • Tight Spaces - problem arises where narrow spaces like hallways and entries makes navigation difficult

  • Visual Clutter and Distractions - problem arises where poor accessibility and organization deter focus and concentration

  • Material Waste - problem arises where poorly made products contributes to objects with low resale value

  • Heat and Glare - problem arises caused by sunlight beaming through an area, particularly computer screens and work desks affecting productive hours during the day

  • Poor Quality and Innovation - problem arises from overseas manufacturing that cares little about longevity of products and the health of our planet

  • Poor Construction Methods - problem arises where process of assembling furniture is frustrating, confusing and unfriendly

  •  Inflexibility  - problem arises where poor layout and organization inevitably deprives ability to adapt and grow within an environment


2. prioritize The needs

By revealing problems to kick-start a framework of questions that turn qualitative problems into solution driven guidelines, we can then actively help clients better understand what real problems need to be solved and fully engage on the task at hand.  

Guidelines may include:

  • Mobility: What can we do to make your environment more productive? 

  • Storage/Layout: What can we do to maximize the appearance of your floor space?

  • Form & Aesthetics: What kind of appearance will make your project/product stand out?

  • Accessibility: What can we do to make your working or living space more accessible? 

  • Price: What can we do to make your product more cost productive?


3. Enact "SMART Design" PRINCIPLES

Smart design serves three common values: lifestyle, longevity and productivity. Our principles, honed through user testing and research defines our company values which sets a high standard in what we do and look for in Good Design. 

Inspired by Dieter Rams' "Good Design" philosophy:

  1. Smart Design ADAPTS | to ensure Konisa Studio products fit flexibly in any environment

  2. Smart Design is COMMUNITY DRIVEN | to ensure customer loyalty and relationship is without borders

  3. Smart Design is CONSCIENTIOUS | to ensure Konisa Studio products engage with the heart, soul and mind

  4. Smart Design is DESIGN FOR DISASSEMBLY | to ensure Konisa Studio products can be broken down into manageable components for reuse and recycling

  5. Smart Design is INNOVATION DRIVEN | to ensure Konisa Studio is constantly fresh and never static

  6. Smart Design is built to LAST | to ensure Konisa Studio products endure the test of time and gets better with age

  7. Smart Design is MADE TO ORDER & CUSTOMIZATION FRIENDLY | to ensure Konisa Studio products are made to the needs of people (so that no garbage accrue due to over-production)

  8. Smart Design uses REAL MATERIALS | to ensure resources used in Konisa Studio products can return to the earth in the same way we found it

  9. Smart Design is PRODUCTION FRIENDLY | to ensure the beauty of Konisa Studio’s products is also found in its simplicity, viability and scalability

  10. Smart Design is PROFESSIONAL | to ensure Konisa Studio products makes people’s lives richer and more pro-active in their community

  11. Smart Design is UBIQUITOUS | to ensure Konisa Studio products are intuitive, have multiple applications and create sense for universal enjoyment

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