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We connect communities with good design by inspiring people though wood innovations and handmade local products. Every piece we make are hand selected, crafted and assembled with care to ensure that our wares are made to last and get better with age. From our workshop to you, we stand behind all our products from idea stage to production using real materials and designs that lasts.  Through "Canadian Design", we aim to craft conversation pieces that enriches lifestyle and experience.

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Cordova | Business Card Holders (Walnut Ed.)

Cordova | Business Card Holders (Walnut Ed.)

CORDOVA | Business Card Holder

Cordova of LOCALE Series is a solid & domestic wood business card holder designed to protect standard size (3.5" x 2") cards from denting, folding and wrinkling. A smart and convenient alternative compared to bulky wallets and cases, Cordova is the perfect choice when travelling light in the city during networking, group gatherings or events.

Chester 33° | Smartphone Dock & Amplifier

Chester 33° | Smartphone Dock & Amplifier

CHESTER 33° | Smart Phone Dock Stand & Amplifier

Chester 33° is a portable stand and sound amplifier designed to offer better sound flow and direction with modern aesthetics & smart wood design. Universal to fit most contemporary smart-phones, Chester takes form of a wooden vessel inspired by contemporary architecture to establish a sense of modernity and antiquity in home environments. Tilt-able three ways for comfortable viewing, scrolling* and appearance, hollow wood chamber deepens and magnifies sound for optimal sound amplification.


Muyo | Wearable Earbud Protector

Muyo | Wearable Earbud Protector

MUYO | Wearable Earbud Holder

Fashion for your music, Muyo is a one of a kind fashion earbud organizer that keeps your earphones safely bundled and protected while worn to ensure wires are closely snug to your body. Designed for convenience and elegance, Muyo is the perfect item for people who love to walk, roam and bike around the city with their beats on but despise the nagging feeling of tangling wires that trip and dangle which ultimately stretches the cord and reduces earphone’s longevity.


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