Lefont - Wooden Book Binder - by Konisa Studio

Lefont | Customizable Wood Book Binding Kit

Lefont is a sustainable and innovative wood binder designed to give artists and designers creative freedom to take ordinary folded paper to make into their own personal booklet. Inspired by the maker community and envelop parcels, Lefont uses string tension to secure paper from falling out.  This technique helps replace traditional and modern bookbinding, where processes are time consuming or require chemical adhesion. 

The struggle to find good quality sketchbooks at reasonable prices make this ground breaking design far superior in ways of flexibility, efficiency and durability. Protective wood finish and optional tear proof cover offers protection to wear and tear such as splashing of liquids and light scratches. Moreover, the design’s versatility and professional look gives service industries (such as restaurants, architecture and event planners) the upper hand in reaching out to their clients through personally branded menus and portfolios.

Oozing with creativity and appeal, Lefont arrives in standard selection of wood choices such as walnut, mahogany and maple. Customization options, wood choices and thicknesses are also available upon request.

Genuine & Original Design and Handcrafted by Jeremy Lee of Konisa Studio.

Perfect for carrying inside laptop cases, purses and backpacks, Lefont is the ideal gift item for design enthusiasts who love writing or sketching about the next big idea or professionals who want to impress employers during a job interview.  

Design Features:

  • Long lasting & indispensable design
  • Replenish-able pages (reduces paper waste)
  • Intuitive string tension binding mechanism
  • Solid wood & tension inspired
  • Thoroughly flexible, natural and professional 
  • Design for Disassembly
  • Customization options available (wood choices and book thicknesses)
Material Properties:
solid wood, durable cording, hardware, OSMO finish
Classic Wood Selection:
Oak, Ash, Walnut, Maple, Birch, Mahogany

Exotic Wood Selection:

Wenge, Zebrawood, Padauk, Bubinga, Berlinia, Rosewood

Lefont - Wooden Book Binder - Booklet - by Konisa Studio
Lefont - Wooden Book Binder - Booklet - by Konisa Studio
Lefont - Wooden Book Binder