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Our Root Philosophy

Konisa Studio is a West-Coast company founded under the vision of crafting innovative wood products & lifestyle accessories in essence to pioneer good Canadian design & waste-free sustainable economy


Konisa Studio - Wood Artisan Products

Cordova - Business Card Holder (Walnut Ed.)

Cordova - Business Card Holder (Walnut Ed.)

Chester 33° - Universal Smartphone Dock

Chester 33° - Universal Smartphone Dock

Konisa Studio is a Vancouver BC company specializing in sustainable wood design and made-to-fit solutions to help customers enhance their living, learning and working environments through user experience and design innovations
— Jeremy T Lee - Konisa Studio


Konisa Studio - Series Collection

Locale Series - Cordova Business Card Holders

Locale Series - Cordova Business Card Holders

Locale SerieS - LIFESTYLE

Lifestyle Wood Products - Konisa LOCALE Series is all about bridging communities with local design. Our collection of tangible and hand crafted augmentations are designed to inspire and enhance day to day lifestyles meanwhile educating people the benefits of buying locally made goods that lasts, are useful and transparent. Konisa Studio thrives on customer service, where end to end designer to customer relationship propels conversation of good design.

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Leap Series - Union Bookshelf

Leap Series - Union Bookshelf


Client Inspired Projects - Konisa's LEAP Series is an eclectic collection of finished and developing projects made to serve companies and clients within their respective environments. We begin at a preliminary stage, with one on one design consultancy moving towards finalized sketches, computer aided design and prototyping. In order to achieve the best design for seamless fabrication, our detailed process oversees production from start to finish.

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Objekt Series - 100 sq/ft Studio Space

Objekt Series - 100 sq/ft Studio Space


Conceptual & Experimental Designs - Konisa Studio’s OBJEKT Series challenges form, design and function to inspire new and practical solutions for day to day experiences. In this collection, we tackle design problems such as poor ergonomics, waste reduction and  productivity loss in tight spaces. Combining unique methods that aspire to make working and living better, OBJEKT Series certifies our nature to always innovate.

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Definitions of Good Design

Simple Construction

Simple To Use

Konisa Studio’s clean, natural and well designed products cater to user’s functionality such as basic storage needs as well as display presentation of working, learning and living environments.  

Easy to Understand

Intuitive & Convenient

Simple to assemble and disassemble, Konisa Studio ensures its design are well made for easy stowing and moving from one place to another. Simplicity ensures our products can fit in any environment.

Functional and Innovative

Functional & Innovative

Inspired by sustainability, interior design and modern craft, Konisa Studio products are actively evolving. We innovate and evolve according to the latest trends and drive our products forward through user centered research and design competitions.

Good Quality


Using real materials is better. We never use fiberboard (MDF/ particleboard) or toxic chemicals in our products. Rather, we employ solid & multi-laminated wood so that our wares are repairable, last longer and look better with age and day to day use.


Handpicked Wood Selections

Wood used in our products are hand selected by durability, availability and appearance. We use all sorts of local and imported wood ranging from domestic species like Walnut, Maple, Hemlock and Ash as well as exotic hardwoods like Padauk, African Mahogany and Purpleheart. By request, we can apply choice stains from our exclusive OSMO inventory to establish surface protection and optimal tint appearance.

From left to right:

  • Ash 
  • Maple
  • Larch
  • Cherry
  • Red Oak
  • African Mahogany
  • Birch
  • Walnut

Other selections:

  • Padauk
  • Jatoba
  • White Oak
  • Purple Heart
  • Douglas Fir
  • Bubinga
  • Zebrano
  • Alder
  • & many more


Our Process

Konisa Studio abides to significant user research, rigorous testing and craftsmanship to ensure that craft, wood and design is synchronous throughout our developmental process. Our products are constantly evolving which signals our keen eye to detail that amounts to a successful end product. 

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Jeremy T Lee - Woodworking BW

Meet the Maker

Jeremy T Lee (founder of Konisa Studio and member at Makerlabs) is passionate in his work and desires to make impact in the way product designers do good design. His varied expertise in research & development, product design and design thinking inspires creative ways to solving day-to-day problems.


Design in Ergonomics

AdAR - Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop & Book Riser

AdAR (Adjustable Laptop Riser) by Konisa Studio is a uniquely designed ergonomic riser designed to keep eyes level to the monitor (as well as books) and hands comfortably straight to the keyboard.  Multiple angles freely adjust according to user's preference which allows books to also rest up easily for reading and sketching

Locally designed by Jeremy Lee of Konisa Studio
Crafted in Vancouver BC, Canada

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Design Gamechangers

Sustainability | Social | Good Design

Konisa Studio is constantly inspired by people who go above and beyond to solving problems in the city.  The gamechangers link below reveal individual and companies who actively serve in our community and push the boundaries of "Good Design"


“Crafting human experiences is vital in what we do, we believe evocative, well designed and innovative wood furniture centralizes, enhances and enables the places we live, learn and work.”
— Jeremy Lee - Konisa Studio