Forage | Reclaimed Wood Serving Boards

Add a touch of nature to your meal or environment. Uproot dedicates to reclaiming salvaged timber from old demolished buildings to prevent this beautiful larch wood from entering into the landfill. Originally used for arbors in holding up parking structures in Brigantine Square (Richmond BC), Konisa Studio collaborated with Uproot to give this reclaimed lumber a second home by re-purposing them into serving board that evoke a sense of nature and elegance. Perfect for presenting wares like ceramics, wood products and food appetizers such as cheese, meats, fruit and sushi, Forage also arrives in a variety of renewable and reclaimed wood choices like Walnut, Oak, Alder and more. Forage is made to order and individually coated with Osmo food-safe oil and beeswax finish for optimal sheen and protection.

Genuine and original design by Jeremy lee of Konisa Studio

Design Features:

  • Made in renewable and reclaimed solid wood 
  • Simple and easily stackable
  • Design collaboration with Uproot
  • Natural choice for serving food and presenting wares and artisan goods
Material Properties:
solid wood, laser etched surface, osmo food-safe finish, beeswax salad bowl finish
Finish Selection:
Larch, Alder, Walnut, Oak
Forage - Reclaimed Wood Serving Trays