Chester 33 - Smart Phone Stand and Amplifier

CHESTER 33° | SMART PHONE Sound-Dock & Amplifier

Chester 33° is a portable stand and sound amplifier designed to offer better sound flow and direction with modern aesthetics & smart wood design. Universal to fit most contemporary smart-phones, Chester takes form of a wooden vessel inspired by contemporary architecture to establish an air of modernity and antiquity in home environments. 33° is sculpted throughout its construction, which highlights as general standard for ergonomic comfort, creativity and control. Tiltable three ways for comfortable viewing, scrolling and bewilderment, hollow wood chamber deepens and magnifies sound for optimal sound amplification.

Each piece is individually crafted and arrives in solid or two tone wood effect, with choice of intuitive insert offering as a convenient supplement for docking and charging (in portrait position). An elegant conversation piece to be placed upon counter-tops and tables, Chester 33° is incredibly useful for looking up recipes in the kitchen, reading the news over a cup of coffee and working on projects alone or with friends.

An original and genuine design by Jeremy lee of Konisa Studio

Design Features:

  • Universal to fit most smart phones
  • Hollow chamber for increased sound amplification
  • Tiltable three ways for viewing enjoyment & bewilderment
  • Intuitive insert opening for docking & charging convenience
  • Modern architecture & wood inspired aesthetic
  • Light and portable for easy stowing 
  • Arrives in variety of wood types and tone effects
Material Properties:
solid wood, OSMO hardwax finish
Finish Selection:
natural finish
Chester 33° | Phone Dock & Amplifier