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Fall For Local - Kelly Turner

Fall for Local (founded by Kelly Turner) is a creative entrepreneurship platform designed to raise awareness of local economy and businesses.  Branches from her movement are located in two major Canadian cities Ottawa and Vancouver where scheduled talks and pop up shops are hosted throughout the year featuring the latest in design, culinary arts and much much more! Our Vancouver location has seen it fair share of innovation, for example, food protein made from crickets, decor and jewelry crafted out of concrete and handmade gifts spun with love and sweat just to name a few.

Check out Fall For Local's upcoming events this coming 2017, also, Konisa Studio will be partaking in the Pop Up Market this coming Spring. We look forward to seeing you join in on the action and supporting all things local!

Fall For Local at the Pipe Shop

~ About Fall For Local

“Fall For Local is a community who promotes awesome local products and services by connecting local with local, sharing knowledge and organically grow the local economy from within. Through events, we give an opportunity to meet, talk and connect with others in the local business community. At its core it’s simply a desire to want to see local connect with local, ultimately helping strengthen and organically grow the local economy.

Brands we've worked with: Harlow Skin Co., Woodlot, The Georgia Straight, Banquet Atelier & Workshop, Parallel 49 Brewery, Odd Society Distillery, Nectar Juicery, Joyride Nail Salon, PetitePuf, Leah Alexandra Jewelry, Goliath Coffee, Capilano Tea House and more...”

Fall For Local - Local Talks

Upcoming Events:

Fall for Local - Pop-Up Market - Vancouver - Saturday, April 29th to Sunday April 30th @ThePipe Shop
Fall for Local - Pop-Up Market - Ottawa – TBA

Fall for Local – Local Talks – Vancouver - Thursday, January 17, 6:30pm @The Aviary
Fall for Local – Local Talks – Ottawa - Thursday, January 26, 7pm @ Makerspace North

Fall For Local - Konisa Studio's Wood Artisan Gifts
Fall For Local - Emsay Concrete Craft Goods
Fall For Local - Vancouver's favorite Aslan Chai

Why I Design 2016 An Evening Recap

Konisa Studio participated this fall season at Museum of Vancouver who kick-started their 3rd Annual “Why I Design” event, featuring local designers and companies such as Chop Value, Yew Woodshop, Native Shoes, Knolly & Velo Metro Bikes and Henderson Dry Goods just to name a few!    

It is incredibly exciting to hear Vancouver in full support of the local design industry, given that  students and alumni’s all over the city (SFU, UBC, BCIT and Emily Carr University) are pouring innovation, passion and creativity into the community through their work and lifelong dedication. We also enjoyed seeing new projects ranging from large wood installations, interactive ceramic objects, bio-degradable mushroom building blocks, 3-d printed organs and walking assistant devices. Filled with food and lively chatter, the event broke new ground as many guests, artists, designers and entrepreneurs came out from their busy and hectic schedule to talk about design and why they love what they do.

Image sourced by: http://vancouverscape.com/engage-with-vancouvers-booming-design-community-at-movs-why-i-design-party/

Image sourced by: http://vancouverscape.com/engage-with-vancouvers-booming-design-community-at-movs-why-i-design-party/

A cloudy evening met with bright lights and optimism, thank you to everyone including Shauna Jean, Gregory Dreicer & Myles Constable for putting together this amazing event. Why I Design will definitely bring fond memories for months to come!

For more photographs on the event check out the link here:


Image sourced by: https://museumofvancouver.ca/wid2016  Chop Value is one Vancouver's most recent and local success stories. Felix Bock, founder of Chop Value and UBC PhD graduate, takes bamboo chopsticks tossed away by city inhabitants then cleans and repurposes them into desirable eco-friendly objects .  This social project has taken over the city by storm and we believe it is the right step moving forward for Vancouver working towards a sustainable and viable economy.

Image sourced by: https://museumofvancouver.ca/wid2016

Chop Value is one Vancouver's most recent and local success stories. Felix Bock, founder of Chop Value and UBC PhD graduate, takes bamboo chopsticks tossed away by city inhabitants then cleans and repurposes them into desirable eco-friendly objects .  This social project has taken over the city by storm and we believe it is the right step moving forward for Vancouver working towards a sustainable and viable economy.


MOV Presenters of 2016 (Why I Design)

ldooz Pooyanfar, Electronics Engineer / Simon Fraser University
Sensors for monitoring bee colonies
Oldooz Pooyanfar received her BASc in electronics engineering from SFU in 2014. She is currently doing her MSc in the Mechatronics Department. Her work is aimed at helping agriculture and apiculture industries by observing the health of bee colonies.

Felix Böck, Wood Technology and Industrial Engineer / ChopValue Manufacturing
Repurposed bamboo for furniture/decor
Wood technology and industrial engineer Felix Böck is working towards his PhD at UBC. His firm is a product development and design start-up that innovates with recycled chopsticks as its raw material.

Joe Dahmen, Co-Director / AFJD
Sustainable masonry
Joe Dahmen, of design and research firm AFJD, is Assistant Professor at the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. He is an expert on sustainable building technology and a 2016-17 scholar at the Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies.

Riley McFerrin, Founder / Hinterland Design
Pillowy Bench: A wood and upholstered bench
Riley McFerrin is a visual artist, designer, and builder at Hinterland, whose woodworkers and craftspeople build by hand with natural materials, including salvaged, local, and eco products.

Patrick Christie, Wood Product Designer + Danielle Gilday and Logan Gilday, Co-Founders / Yew WoodShop
Wood Design
Patrick Christie operates design studio Daly Co. out of Yew WoodShop, a small-scale production workshop. Logan Gilday, an industrial designer who runs Yew WoodShop with his partner Danielle Gilday, upcylces wood in order to produce functional furniture.

Barbara Alink, Inventor / The Alinker
High-tech walker / walking aid
Barbara Alink travelled the world for 10 years managing reconstruction and restoration projects. She brings the diversity of her experiences to connect people through design, in order to help build a more inclusive global community.

Alex Henderson, Founder / Henderson Dry Goods
Laser cut wood worksAlex Henderson studied fine arts at Langara College and earned a degree in industrial design from Emily Carr University in 2006. She worked for John Fluevog as a designer and manufacturing liaison before founding Henderson Dry Goods.

Pierce Jordan, Industrial and Graphic Designer / Pierce Jordan Designs
Wax beam light fixturePierce Jordan designs experience-based installations with an emphasis on sound-and-movement-reactive lighting. His work melds historical reference with minimal modern design.

Shannon Mortimer, Industrial Designer / Objects with Personality
Ceramics / 3DShannon Mortimer is a designer-ceramicist and recent grad from Emily Carr University’s Industrial Design Program. Her work explores the intersection of digital manufacturing technologies and traditional craft practices.

Radu Postole, Entrepreneur and Engineer, and Jeremy Takada Balden, Consultant / TetraGear Inc.
Innovative safety devices for people with disabilitiesTetraGear co-founder Radu Postole, who studied integrated engineering at UBC, began with Tetra as a volunteer student, designing and building innovative devices for people with disabilities. Jeremy Balden coordinates tasks required to bring TetraGear's lights to the market; he has a building engineering background.

Kody Baker, Co-Founder / VeloMetro Mobility
Electrically-assisted, fully covered bikes
Kody Baker, who holds a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from UBC and a Management of Technology MBA from SFU, is a technology manager and entrepreneur. He has brought to market products such as electric vehicles, biomass energy systems, and process control systems.

Glenis Canete, Landscape Architect and Vivianne Harms, Landscape Designer / Hapa Collaborative
Models of the Jim Deva Plaza Megaphone and the Foot of Londsdale Plaza Megabench
Glenis Canete has a design sensibility grounded in urban and landscape planning. Vivianne Harms brings professional experience in architecture and public art.

Char Kennedy, Industrial Designer / Char Kennedy Design
Table mirrors
Char Kennedy, who received a degree in industrial design from Emily Carr University, works in an East Van creative design studio. She focuses on objects that engage interaction and question the everyday.

Melissa Higgs, Architect, Steve DiPasquale, Intern Architect, and Ali Kenyon, Designer / HCMA
Design for Social Impact
Architect Melissa Higgs is passionate about creating innovative public buildings where communities come together. At architecture and design firm HCMA, she focuses on recreation facilities and arts and culture projects. Steve DiPasquale is an intern architect. Ali Kenyon has a background in product and exhibition design.

Brian Giesbrecht, Product Designer / Form3 and Noel Buckley, Owner / KNOLLY Bikes
Mountain bike
Brian Giesbrecht, a Bachelor of Design Emily Carr graduate, is an industrial design consultant who works at Form3. He has collaborated with clients ranging from start-ups to corporations. Form3 client Noel Buckley of KNOLLY bikes has a degree in physics, experience in manufacturing, and a career in engineering.

Gabe Lam, Footwear Designer and Developer / Native Shoes
Shoe Apparel
A lifelong sneakerhead, Gabe Lam has had the privilege of combining his passion for shoes with his background in industrial design as a designer and developer at footwear company Native Shoes.

Evan Roche, Designer and Hardware Engineer / Jimmi
3D bioprinterIn 2015, Evan Roche co-founded Jimmi, a firm that focuses on designing for applications of digital fabrication technology. He also launched the Buildclass workshop series, which educates participants about hardware development for 3D bioprinting.

Rory McGuire, Game and Design Director, and Taylor Fales, Lead Designer / Blackbird Interactive
Video Games
Rory McGuire has worked for 13 years on AAA hardcore games like Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, as well as titles such as Disney's Where's My Water? For 10 years, Taylor Fales has designed gameplay at Relic, Smoking Gun and Blackbird, an independent game studio.

Clotilde Orozco and Alejandro Sanguino, Founders / Abubilla Design Studio
Baby crib
With a playful passion for wood, modernity, and recycling, architects Clotilde Orozco and Alejandro Sanguino founded their studio in 2012. Their first design collaboration was their daughter’s crib.

Nancy Knaggs, Program Head / MAKE+, BCIT
Instrumented hockey skate
Nancy Knaggs works in applied research at BCIT, from which she received her diploma in robotics and automation in 2005. Nancy lends her skills in programming, designing, fabricating, and documenting to a wide range of applied research projects with companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Jeremy T. Lee, Industrial Designer and Founder / Konisa Studio
Stackable Kid's Chair + Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop & Book Riser
Jeremy T. Lee, an industrial design graduate of Emily Carr University, runs Konisa Studio, a wood design innovation start-up centered around sustainability and lean production.

Lexie Owen, Project Director and Curator / WNDW
Light installation
Lexie Owen, artist-in-residence at Burrard View Fieldhouse 2015-2017, is an interdisciplinary designer of sculpture, craft, social practice initiatives, and curatorial projects. She is project director and curator of itinerant gallery space WNDW.

Alixzandar Morle, Product Designer and Mural Artist / Engine Design Studios
Brand concept
Alixzandar Morle’s design work focuses on strategic branding, user experience, package design, and furniture and home products, with an emphasis on using sustainable materials

Celebrating 10 years with Portobello West!

Portobello West - 10th Year Anniversary Poster

Portobello West - 10th Year Anniversary Poster

Portobello West - Our Booth Display

Portobello West - Our Booth Display

This Fall, Portobello West hosted another awesome event in Creekside Community Center, kick-starting their 10th year anniversary supporting local designers, artisans and entrepreneurs in celebrating local craft, food and music.  

It was exciting seeing familiar faces like Liebelle Designs, Em'say, Thirsty Whale, and CC Crafts and also meeting new inspiring folks such as The Good Oak, Stardust Generation, Bam Woodworks, Shape And Strike, Laughing SparrowCoastal Craftwork, Entwood Turnings and Wayward Distillary. Check out these fabulous folks for their passion and love for local handcraft make Vancouver awesome! 

As for many who came and made this Fall kick-off a success, we also thank Vancouver Is Awesome, Georgia Straight, Loco,  BC Parent, Creekside Community Center, Patrick Bahrich, The Suits and many others for sponsoring and livening up this great event.  We look forward to attending the next fairs coming up in the Fall such as Fall for Local (held on Oct.22, 11am to 4pm), Got Craft (held on Dec 10 & 11, 10am to 5pm) and many more. Be sure to check us out in time for Christmas season!

Portobello West - Morning Set Up

Portobello West - Morning Set Up

CC Craft Home & Decor - Hand Painted Glassware

CC Craft Home & Decor - Hand Painted Glassware

Konisa Studio - Booth Display for Portobello West - Fall Event

Konisa Studio - Booth Display for Portobello West - Fall Event

Food Safe Baby Teething Rattlers - by Stardust Generation

Food Safe Baby Teething Rattlers - by Stardust Generation

Emsay (Concrete Decor Accessories) & Laughing Sparrow (Handmade Jewelry)

Emsay (Concrete Decor Accessories) & Laughing Sparrow (Handmade Jewelry)