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Fall For Local - Kelly Turner

Fall for Local (founded by Kelly Turner) is a creative entrepreneurship platform designed to raise awareness of local economy and businesses.  Branches from her movement are located in two major Canadian cities Ottawa and Vancouver where scheduled talks and pop up shops are hosted throughout the year featuring the latest in design, culinary arts and much much more! Our Vancouver location has seen it fair share of innovation, for example, food protein made from crickets, decor and jewelry crafted out of concrete and handmade gifts spun with love and sweat just to name a few.

Check out Fall For Local's upcoming events this coming 2017, also, Konisa Studio will be partaking in the Pop Up Market this coming Spring. We look forward to seeing you join in on the action and supporting all things local!

Fall For Local at the Pipe Shop

~ About Fall For Local

“Fall For Local is a community who promotes awesome local products and services by connecting local with local, sharing knowledge and organically grow the local economy from within. Through events, we give an opportunity to meet, talk and connect with others in the local business community. At its core it’s simply a desire to want to see local connect with local, ultimately helping strengthen and organically grow the local economy.

Brands we've worked with: Harlow Skin Co., Woodlot, The Georgia Straight, Banquet Atelier & Workshop, Parallel 49 Brewery, Odd Society Distillery, Nectar Juicery, Joyride Nail Salon, PetitePuf, Leah Alexandra Jewelry, Goliath Coffee, Capilano Tea House and more...”

Fall For Local - Local Talks

Upcoming Events:

Fall for Local - Pop-Up Market - Vancouver - Saturday, April 29th to Sunday April 30th @ThePipe Shop
Fall for Local - Pop-Up Market - Ottawa – TBA

Fall for Local – Local Talks – Vancouver - Thursday, January 17, 6:30pm @The Aviary
Fall for Local – Local Talks – Ottawa - Thursday, January 26, 7pm @ Makerspace North

Fall For Local - Konisa Studio's Wood Artisan Gifts
Fall For Local - Emsay Concrete Craft Goods
Fall For Local - Vancouver's favorite Aslan Chai