Adar | Adjustable laptop Riser

AdAR (Adjustable Laptop Riser) by Konisa Studio is uniquely developed after observing students and elderly working long hours on their laptops and tablet with their necks slouched downward uncomfortably for hours on end. A position that increases harm to the spinal cord and body, Jeremy Lee of Konisa Studio recognized that the future Millennials will soon face the challenge of enduring repetitive poor body postures that will ultimately lead to costly health effects associating to arthritis and nerve tissue damage. Taking on the problem with great interest, Konisa Studio unified ingenuity and concept iterations to develop a portable and ergonomic riser designed to keep user’s head and eyes level to the monitor as well as arms and hands straight on the keyboard.

Thin, stylish and robust, AdAR is easily adjustable and can be used for propping up books for comfortable reading, sketching and writing. Also, in the design conceals intuitive magnets designed to snap itself into place after use.  Originally designed by Jeremy Lee of Konisa Studio, this ergonomic riser makes AdAR a professional and suitable tool for day to day use in home environments and office spaces.

Design Features:

  • Sturdy and durably built
  • Intuitive hinge and rod mechanism
  • Adjustable angles and large working surface (fits most laptop and sketchbooks)
  • Portable and light for easy stowing and use
  • Magnetic clasp for snap-on closure
Material Properties:
solid wood or baltic birch plywood, brass hinges, pivot rod, OSMO hardwax finish
Finish Selection:
natural, antique brown, dark ebony
Konisa Studio - AdAR Riser Cover
AdAR - Adjustable Laptop Riser